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Religious Fela popularly known as Savage Xtra is a songwriter, singer, music producer, creative director and a record label executive at Alta confianza records.
Religious fela left Peckham, South London at the age of 3 back to the trenches to chase his dream and understand the views from the trenches.

Started this music career in 2019. So far, one can say he didn’t come to play around. Savage Xtra has two projects (EP) out and hit singles too numerous to mention.

May, 2020 Savage Xtra put out a joint EP with Cla6. This project was titled “Genre Of Music Problem”. This was a 3 track collaboration tape where both notable creatives gave their insight on life generally.

July, 2020 Savage Xtra put out an extended play titled “Wound Yourself”. Wound yourself is that 5 track project where the musician talked about his experiences and aspirations. Wound yourself features a notable rapper “IDD Billy”.

Savage Xtra has a 20 track ablum coming summer 2021.
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